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Deputy Secretary-General

Deputy Secretary-General Amina Jane Mohammed meets with Indonesian youth leaders on climate in Jakarta, Indonesia on May 22, 2022.
Putra Djohan/UN Indonesia

‘We Have to Make Peace with Nature’: UN Deputy Chief meets inspiring young climate leaders in Indonesia

A portable solar generator in a black case, and an eggplant grown in organic soil, were among the diverse items that a group of young climate leaders in Jakarta shared with the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed this weekend, embodying their own personal inspiration, and efforts to advance the fight against climate change.

Dubai 2020 Expo

Solidarity echoes throughout Dubai 2020 Expo

Messages of solidarity rang across Expo 2020 in Dubai as participants celebrated UN Day on Sunday. Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed called on the world “to hold on to the hopefulness of the future of mankind and its home, the planet”.

EXPO 2020, which runs through March, includes a UN Hub where visitors can learn about the Organization’s mission for peace, development, human rights and human dignity.

UN News’s Jessica Jiji spoke to the deputy UN chief about the significance of commemorating UN Day at Expo 2020.