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Sunaina borrowed the money to build a toilet in her village in Nepal.
© WSSCC/Charles Dickson

Nepal benefits from end to open toilet use

Sunaina lives in Majhi, a village of 104 people in Nepal’s impoverished Terai region. Huts fashioned of mud, thatch and straw stand in a row along the shoulder of a dirt road that carves through rice fields, where Sunaina, and the majority of her neighbours earn their living.

Families in the village of Andoharanovelona in Madagascar typically did not use latrines until they were told of the dangers of open defecation. (May 2019)
© WSSCC/Hiroyuki Saito

Madagascar villagers learn dangers of outdoor defecation

The discussion with villagers starts early in the morning. Volunteers are invited to draw a map of their village on the ground with chalk. One woman’s sketch shows 17 families – a total of 65 people – living in 11 red clay houses. She explains they share the three latrines that have been there for some time.