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UN News/Daniel Johnson

World of work is changing fast, but prevention remains best bet against sickness and injury: ILO 

The reality of working today is that people are “continuously asked to do more and more and have no time to rest”, often with grave consequences for their health and wellbeing, an expert from the UN labour agency, the ILO, said on Thursday. 

In an interview with Daniel Johnson from UN News, occupational safety and health specialist Manal Azzi, discusses the pros and cons of technological innovation at work, as well as sustainable solutions to combat climate change, highlighting that prevention really is the key. 


Decent work and economic growth “mantra” of Jamaica

Jamaica is firmly committed to growing its economy and creating jobs to lift people out of poverty, even going as far as creating a ministry to deal with this matter.

That’s what Prime Minister Andrew Holness said on Tuesday, on the first day of the United Nations General Assembly debate.

Globally, two out of every five young persons of working age are either unemployed or working jobs that don’t pay enough to escape poverty, the UN says.