Cyprus: UN plays key role in determining future, General Assembly hears

The United Nations plays a crucial role in helping the Mediterranean island of Cyprus move forward towards a “bizonal, bicommunal federation” through its assistance in inter-Cypriot negotiations and its definition of the framework of the future Cypriot State, President Demetris Christofias told the General Assembly today.

Colombia making headway in bolstering security, UN hears

Colombia’s citizens have shed their fear and have more confidence in the State, thanks to the consolidation of democracy and security in following years of fear imposed by terrorists, the South American nation’s President said today at the General Assembly’s annual high-level segment.

Guatemala asks UN to form eminent panel to study migration worldwide

Guatemala’s President proposed today that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon set up a panel of eminent figures to investigate the scope and effects of migration around the world, stressing that people who leave their homelands for other countries have inviolable rights.

Central African President calls for strengthening UN mission in his country

President François Bozizé of the Central African Republic (CAR) today called for a strengthened United Nations peacekeeping mission in his country, which has suffered from violence and instability in several regions, in the face of the imminent departure of a European Union force (EUFOR).

Eastern European leaders voice concern about Georgia during UN debate

The presidents of three Eastern European countries today spoke out at the General Assembly against the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia, warning that the United Nations’ role in international peace and security has been undermined by what happened last month.

Poorer nations need urgent help to mitigate impact of climate change, UN told

The leaders of Nauru and Suriname, two developing nations struggling to protect their vulnerable environments from the ravages wrought by climate change, issued a call to the General Assembly today for increased assistance to boost their resilience to the effects of global warming.

Excessive military spending is a perversion of values, Costa Rica says at UN

Universal literacy, the eradication of many preventable diseases and safe drinking water for everyone could all be achieved if the world spent as much on those causes as it already does on military forces, Costa Rica’s President told the General Assembly tonight in a call for a radical re-think of global spending.

Kosovo should become UN Member State – Albanian President

Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia earlier this year, deserves to be a United Nations Member State as soon as possible, Albanian President Bamir Topi told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate tonight.

Mongolia issues call at UN for strategy to ensure global energy security

A comprehensive, global strategy is needed to ensure all countries have energy security, Mongolia’s Prime Minister told the General Assembly tonight, voicing concern about the impact of recent oil price hikes and the need to develop greener sources of energy.

Privatization policies responsible for current financial crisis, Bolivia tells UN

The current worldwide financial crisis has been caused largely by policies of privatization of basic public resources, Bolivian President Evo Morales Ayma has told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.