Blue helmets should be deployed in Somalia, General Assembly told

Somalia urgently needs a fully-fledged United Nations peacekeeping force to restore peace and stability in the war-torn country, the Foreign Minister of its Transitional Federal Government (TFG) told the General Assembly tonight.

General Assembly: African States urge rich nations to meet aid, trade pledges

Wealthy countries need to fulfil their much-vaunted commitments to spend more on aid and development to the world’s poorest nations and to liberalize international trade rules, the representatives of four African States have told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate in New York.

Climate change threatens international peace, Pacific Island States tell UN debate

Pacific Island States spoke out at the General Assembly today on the issue of climate change, promising to table a draft resolution during the climate session that will call on the United Nations to investigate the threat posed by global warming to international peace and security.

Tajik leader calls on UN for urgent assistance on water-related issues

The leader of Tajikistan today called on the General Assembly to take urgent action to boost the supply of water to meet development challenges.

Agreement on name possible, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia tells UN

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is ready to accept “a fair compromise” in its long-running dispute with Greece over its official name, so long as it does not deny its national and cultural identity, President Branko Crvenkoski told the General Assembly today.

Global trade regime detrimental to developing nations, Seychelles tells UN

The distorted world trade regime is an obstacle to development, the leader of the Seychelles told the General Assembly today, calling for increased justice and fairness to recognize the specific needs of small island nations.

Iraq no longer poses threat to global peace and security, UN gathering hears

Iraq no longer jeopardizes international peace and security, given its successes in promoting national dialogue, consolidating security and improving relations with its neighbours, the President of the war-torn Middle Eastern country told the United Nations today.

At UN, Sierra Leone calls for investment in agriculture to combat food crisis

A “massive investment in agriculture” is needed across Africa if the continent is to respond to the global food crisis sparked by soaring prices of basic crops, Sierra Leone’s President told the General Assembly’s high-level segment today.

Small island nations’ survival threatened by climate change, UN hears

Small island developing nations, which contribute least to climate change but are under imminent threat of inundation due to rising sea levels, appealed to the United Nations today for immediate measures to be taken to ensure their survival.

Timor-Leste entering period of peace, its leader tells high-level UN meeting

Timor-Leste has entered a new phase of peace, economic growth and reduced crime since the unsuccessful assassination attempts against the leaders of the small South-East Asian nation in February, the country’s President told the United Nations today.