Vanuatu asks UN to review criteria for least developed country status

Vanuatu today called on the United Nations to urgently review the criteria for classifying some nations as least developed countries (LDCs), a status that brings increased international aid and trade assistance, saying that the interpretation of the rules could lead to some struggling States missing out on vital funding.

Bhutan, at UN, hits out at impact of consumerism on scarce natural resources

Bhutan’s Prime Minister warned today at the General Assembly that consumerism is draining the world of key natural resources and helping spark or exacerbate recent crises over fuel prices, water reserves and the financial markets.

British leader issues call at UN for new financial order to end market turmoil

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom today called for a new global financial system to bring an end to the current economic turmoil, laying out five principles on which the order should be based as he addressed the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

Darfur peace hopes damaged if Sudanese President is arrested, UN hears

The decision of International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors to seek an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President over alleged war crimes in Darfur will only undermine existing efforts to bring peace to the region, the country’s Vice-President has told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

Palestinian leader voices hope at UN that Arab-led initiative will bring peace

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the General Assembly’s annual high-level gathering today that an Arab-led peace proposal provides a “historic opportunity” to bring peace and security to the region.

Iceland urges school curricula worldwide to highlight work of UN

Iceland today called for the work of the United Nations to be included on the school curriculum in every Member State of the Organization, saying this offers an effective method of spreading the world body’s multilateral ideals to future leaders.

Nuclear sources could deliver energy, mitigate climate change, India tells UN

India’s rapid economic growth is driving it to pursue all avenues to locate sources of clean energy, the South Asian nation’s Prime Minister told delegates at the annual high-level segment of the General Assembly today.

Morocco says its autonomy proposal for Western Sahara should end stalemate

Morocco’s proposal for autonomy for Western Sahara is the result of broad international consultation and should end the stalemate on the issue at the United Nations, the country’s Prime Minister told the General Assembly today.

Italy says UN must continue to lead efforts to resolve global food crisis

The United Nations should be at the forefront of efforts to tackle the global food crisis, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told the General Assembly tonight, saying the world body’s agencies are best placed to both alleviate hunger and guarantee food security.

Current global crises require multilateral solutions, Germany tells UN

Key issues facing the world today – ranging from bringing stability to Afghanistan and Pakistan, promoting peace in the Middle East and achieving disarmament – can only be solved by having all of the world’s nations pool their efforts, Germany’s Foreign Affairs Minister told the General Assembly today.