Azerbaijan, Armenia express views on Nagorno-Karabakh at UN debate

Top officials of Azerbaijan and Armenia have offered their views on the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan at the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate this week.

Syria tells UN that talks with Israel could engender peace

Indirect talks under way with Israel could pave the way towards peace, Syria’s Foreign Affairs Minister said at the General Assembly’s annual high-level segment today, but he cautioned that their outcome hinges on several factors.

Freedom of speech misused to attack religions, Egypt warns General Assembly

Freedom of expression is misused too often to insult the faiths and beliefs held dearly by millions of people, Egypt’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today, voicing concern at the “unconstructive state of cultural tension” in the world today.

World on brink of new nuclear arms race, top Kazakh official warns UN

With the world on the precipice of a new rush to boost arms supplies, reaching consensus on nuclear disarmament is more critical than ever, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today.

Russian move ensures safety of breakaway Georgian regions, UN hears

The security of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia could only be guaranteed by recognizing their independence, Russia told the General Assembly today, voicing its disapproval of the “unipolar world ideology” that it said had contributed to the August conflict.

Cypriots themselves must find solution to dispute, Greek official tells UN

Only Cypriots themselves can find a solution regarding the Mediterranean island’s reunification, Greece said at the United Nations today, welcoming the role played by the world body in facilitating a “mutually acceptable” solution to the dispute.

Uzbekistan, at UN, calls for ‘radical’ new approach to problems in Afghanistan

A radical overhaul of policies focusing more on economic and social assistance rather than military strength is needed if Afghanistan is to ever achieve peace and stability, Uzbek Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov told the General Assembly today.

DPR Korea committed to peaceful resolution of nuclear issue, UN told

A senior official from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) told the General Assembly today that the country hopes to resolve issues regarding its nuclear programme peacefully, but warned that it will take action in response to recent moves by the United States.

Indonesia calls for Muslim representation on Security Council

The world’s estimated 1.1 billion Muslims deserve specific representation on an expanded Security Council, Indonesia’s Foreign Minister said today, calling for any reform of the 15-member body United Nations body to consider the need for a variety of constituencies as well as greater geographic distribution.

Fijian leader tells UN that planned parliamentary elections must be delayed

Fiji will not be able to hold democratic parliamentary elections by March next year, as previously scheduled, because it first needs to reform its electoral system, the country’s Prime Minister has told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.