West African countries emerging from conflict need global support, ministers tells UN

West African countries that have emerged from conflict to form democratically elected governments deserve international support to consolidate their fragile progress, ministers from the region have told the United Nations General Assembly as it continued its annual debate in New York.

Recent international crises prove need to reform Security Council, India tells UN

Recent events in Lebanon and the stalemate in the Middle East peace process have demonstrated the growing failure of the Security Council to tackle issues under its mandate, the Defence Minister of India told the General Assembly today, calling for reform of the 15-member body.

Thailand promises swift return to democracy during address to UN debate

Thailand will end martial law and return soon to democracy and, in the meantime, its interim constitution will provide full protection of civil liberties, the country’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations told the General Assembly today, a week after a coup took place in the South-East Asian nation.

Small island States discuss trade, environment and collective action during UN debate

The lack of progress during recent global trade negotiations, the threat posed by climate change and the value of countries finding multilateral solutions to problems were among the key themes as ministers from six small island States addressed the United Nations General Assembly today.

Cameroon hails UN for helping it settle border dispute with Nigeria

The Ambassador of Cameroon today credited the United Nations - and especially Secretary-General Kofi Annan - for helping it to achieve a peaceful settlement to the border dispute it had with Nigeria and renewed his country's commitment to carrying it out.

At General Assembly debate, speakers praise UN reforms but urge further action

As the General Assembly continued its annual debate today, speakers voiced support for measures that have been taken to strengthen the United Nations while calling for further reforms to enable the Organization to meet the challenges ahead.

Washington out of touch with anger of Arab world, Syrian minister tells UN

United States officials are interpreting the actions of the people of the Middle East in a distorted manner in a bid to justify their policies to the detriment of all concerned, the Foreign Minister of Syria told the General Assembly today.

At UN debate, DPR Korea accuses United States of encouraging nuclear tensions

The United States is promoting tensions on the Korean peninsula to justify its desire to strengthen its military presence in the region, the Chairman of the Delegation from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) told the United Nations General Assembly today.

European nations discuss environment, conflict resolution and development in UN debate

The increasing importance of environmental issues, the inherent challenges in conflict resolution and the need to do more to encourage economic development outside the industrialized world were among the key themes during addresses to the United Nations General Assembly today by representatives of five European countries.

Nepal says UN-supported peace process can serve as an example to other countries

The United Nations-assisted peace process in Nepal can act as a model for other countries of how to resolve conflicts and it can also demonstrate the importance of democracy, the Himalayan nation’s Deputy Prime Minister told the General Assembly today.