Daniel Barenboim

UN provides a 'glimmer of hope' for Israel Palestine conflict: Daniel Barenboim

For 19 years, Daniel Barenboim's West-Eastern Divan Orchestra has brought together young musicians from Israel and the Arab world, with the aim of promoting peace through dialogue.

Following a concert in New York, Maestro Barenboim visited UN Chief António Guterres at UN HQ on Friday.

After the meeting Conor Lennon from UN News sat down with him and starrted by asking what it means to Maestro Barenboim to be a Messenger of Peace.

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Israel, Palestine cannot live “back to back”

Israel and Palestine cannot live “back to back” but must find a way to coexist according to the UN Messenger of Peace and classical music conductor, Daniel Barenboim.

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“Listen to the other”: Divan orchestra honoured by UN

A ground-breaking orchestra which unites Israeli and Arab musicians “has learned to listen to the other” and play together as one, despite their cultural differences.

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