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Dan Thomas

UN Photo/Mark Garten

Informal Dialogues with Secretary-General candidates “exceeded expectations”

This week’s Informal Dialogues which started the process of selecting the next UN chief, “exceeded” all expectations.

That’s according to the spokesperson for the President of the General Assembly, who led the briefings, giving nine candidates the opportunity to make their case in unprecedented public sessions.

Dan Thomas said there was “great engagement” from Member States, many of whom asked questions during the two-hour candidate sessions, along with civil society groups.

UN Photo/Manuel Elías

“Thrashing out the major challenges of our time”: the GA chamber

The General Assembly hall was the centre of the body’s 70th birthday celebrations on Monday, and it’s the place where leaders come to “thrash out” the major challenges of the day.

That’s according to Dan Thomas, spokesperson and communications director for the President of the General Assembly.

Matthew Wells spoke to Mr Thomas in the centre of the chamber where history has been made, over 70 years of lively debate.

Duration: 3’05”

UN Photo/Cia Pak

Work must begin immediately on new development agenda

The previous two weeks of intense activity at United Nations headquarters were an “historic” convergence of high-level events, said the spokesperson for the President of the UN General Assembly.

The Pope addressed the UN General Assembly as Member States voted to adopt new Sustainable Development Goals.

The annual debate of world leaders followed immediately, with a raft of global crises and issues on the agenda.