No “worse place on earth” than Syria’s Raqqa, says top aid official

Needs are “beyond belief” for thousands of civilians trapped by ISIL fighters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, a senior aid official said on Thursday.

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News in Brief 11 April 2017 (PM)

“At least a dozen attacks” by Somali extremists in 10 days, condemned by UN

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News in Brief 10 April 2017 (PM)

Security Council condemns “barbaric and cowardly” terrorist attack in Sweden

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News in Brief 28 March 2017 (PM)

International concern over unrest in Kasaï provinces in DRC

Four international organizations have expressed deep concern over what they described as the “grave situation” in the Kasaï provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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News in Brief 24 March 2017 (PM)

Descendants of slaves have “made their mark” in every field: UN chief

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News in Brief 30 January 2017 (PM)

Emergency repairs have begun on the heavily-damaged main water supply for Syria’s capital city, Damascus, according to the UN.

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News in Brief 13 January 2017 (PM)

Agreement reportedly reached on restoring Damascus water supply

Agreement has been reached, according to  reports, on restoring running water to around 5.5 million people living in and around the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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News in Brief 11 January 2017(PM)

“Military progress” in Mosul slowed by civilians-first policy of Iraqis

“Military progress” in the battle to retake Mosul from ISIL terrorist forces in Iraq has been slowed down by an Iraqi military decision to protect civilians as much as possible.

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News in Brief 09 January 2017 (PM)

Terror “will not bring a solution” to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

“Violence and terror” will not bring a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the UN Secretary-General said on Monday, following an attack which left four Israelis dead in Jerusalem.

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News in Brief 6 January 2017 (AM) – Geneva

DRC’s Kabila “needs to endorse political accord” and avoid new violence

The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joseph Kabila, should publicly support an agreement which offers free and fair elections there, the UN said on Friday.

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