Changing weather patterns lead to food insecurity in Ethiopia

More than eight million Ethiopians need food aid following crop failures brought on by the climatic phenomenon known as El Niño.

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How satellite imagery can help farmers grow “more crop per drop”

Water scarcity in North Africa and the Near East could have severe consequences for food production— something the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says will intensify with climate change.

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Millions of poor across Africa set to suffer deepening food crisis, warns UN report

Despite good global cereal harvests this year, millions of people in dozens of poor countries are in desperate need of emergency humanitarian aid due to stubbornly high food prices, the United Nations agricultural agency warned in a report released today.

Only sustainable farming will help meet growing food demand, says UN expert

Only by switching to more sustainable farming methods will the world’s farmers be able to grow enough food to meet the demands of a growing population and respond to climate change, the top crop expert with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today.

With ‘hunger season’ approaching in Haiti, UN urges aid and better farming

Upcoming harvests in Haiti are expected to fail, prompting experts to call for food aid as well as new farming techniques and crop diversity in the drought-stricken northwestern part of the country, the United Nations said today.