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Crisis in Sudan

© UNMISS/Radio Miraya

Sudan: WFP working round the clock as emergency food aid reaches 50,000 in need

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has been able to support around 50,000 Sudanese in need in three states, amid the continuing fighting and food crisis there, which temporarily halted the agency’s aid operation after three staffers were killed.

That’s according to Leni Kinzli head of communications for WFP in Sudan, who said a total of 19 million are expected to face food insecurity during the coming lean season, and called on the international community not to take their eyes off the crisis in the country, provoked by the ongoing military power struggle.

Raghuveer Sharma said he felt relieved when he saw the Indian Army at Port Sudan. "We felt an immense sense of relief that our lives may be saved.”
Raghuveer Sharma

First Person: Caught in the crossfire in Sudan

Amid the ongoing deadly power struggle between the top military leaders of Sudan, evacuations have begun, including as part of India’s Operation Kaveri, which has helped more than 3,500 Indian citizens living in the country. Raghuveer Sharma is one of them. He gave UN News a first-hand account of the tragic situation unfolding in Sudan.