Violence against civilians, aid workers leaves CAR on 'brink' of crisis

On-going violence both against civilians and aid workers trying to protect them, has left the Central African Republic (CAR) “on the brink of a humanitarian crisis”.

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UN and Africa: violence against civilians in CAR, poetry from Darfur and South Sudan humanitarian crisis

Violence against civilians, aid workers leaves CAR on “brink” of crisis

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Dramatic rise in casualties in eastern Ukraine

The number of casualties in the conflict in eastern Ukraine has reached its highest level in a year, the UN human rights office has reported.

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UN and Africa: focus on El Niño, Lake Chad and Darfur

El Niño threat puts world in “unchartered territory”

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“Positive trajectory” for humanitarian situation in Pakistan

The humanitarian situation in Pakistan has a “positive trajectory” despite an ongoing crisis, according to a senior UN official who has just visited the country.

Five million Pakistanis have been displaced by conflict in recent years, but many are now returning home.

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The Syria crisis must be resolved say world leaders

During the opening of the General Debate on Monday, world leaders urged a resolution to Syria’s brutal civil war - but offered different solutions on the best way forward.

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Zimbabwe food situation deteriorating, UN food relief agency warns

Irregular rains, poor agricultural practices and ongoing economic challenges have pushed Zimbabwe into an increasingly critical food security situation, the United Nations food relief agency warned today.

UN experts call for global financial tax to offset costs of economic crisis

A group of United Nations independent experts today called on the European Union (EU) to take the lead in promoting the adoption of a global financial transaction tax that would offset the costs of the current economic crisis and protect basic human rights.

Kenyan farmers receive UN help to withstand drought, prevent food crisis

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is helping farmers in eastern Kenya make the necessary investments today to withstand drought and prevent food security crises tomorrow.

At UN, India calls for global cooperation to overcome economic woes

India today cautioned against protectionism in the face of the global economic slowdown, calling at the United Nations for effective ways to promote the coordination of microeconomic policies in the world’s biggest economies.