New, strengthened UN Human Rights Council holds first session on Monday

United Nations efforts to promote and protect fundamental freedoms around the world gain added momentum next Monday with the formal inauguration in Geneva of the new, strengthened Human Rights Council to replace the much-criticized UN Human Rights Commission, seen by many as ineffective.

General Assembly elects first members to new Human Rights Council

The United Nations General Assembly today elected 47 members of the recently established UN Human Rights Council – a move immediately welcomed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan as an opportunity for a fresh start as the new body replaces the much criticized and now defunct Human Rights Commission.

Security Council to consider Iran’s nuclear programme tomorrow

The United Nations Security Council will tomorrow begin considering Iran’s refusal to suspend uranium enrichment or provide the transparency necessary to determine whether its nuclear programme is purely for peaceful energy purposes as the Governments says, or for producing nuclear weapons as other countries contend.

UN Security Council strongly condemns violence against civilians in wartime

The United Nations Security Council today issued a ringing condemnation of all violence committed against civilians during armed conflict, directing its strongest language at attacks on women and children, and pledged to ensure that all peace support operations employ all feasible measures to prevent the scourge.

UN looks for US backing for Human Rights Council despite election decision

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said he hoped the United States would continue to play an active role in defending universal human rights and support the new Human Rights Council, despite its decision not to take part in next month’s elections for the body that replaces the much-criticized Human Rights Commission.

Member States submit election candidates for new UN Human Rights Council

So far 17 Member States have announced their candidacies for next month's election to the new 47-member Human Rights Council that replaces the much-criticized and now defunct Human Rights Commission, which held its final session last Monday.

General Assembly President takes stock of UN reform progress

Following the hard-won creation of a new more effective Human Rights Council, the next priorities for the 60th Session of the United Nations General Assembly include reform of UN management, the Secretariat, and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), according to the Assembly President.

Human Rights Commission concludes its work, hands over to new Council

The much-criticized United Nations Human Rights Commission ended its last meeting today after adopting a resolution to transfer all its work to the recently created and stronger Human Rights Council, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting on 19 June in Geneva after the U.N. General Assembly votes on its members in May.

Replaced by stronger body, UN rights commission formally told to close shop

In a formality following the decision to set up a stronger United Nations Human Rights Council, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) has decided to abolish as of 16 June the much-criticized Commission on Human Rights which the new body replaces.

UN rights commission again suspends work after approval of new Council

The outgoing United Nations Commission on Human Rights suspended its work for a further week today pending new directives after last week’s historic approval by the General Assembly of a stronger Human Rights Council to replace it.