Narcotics supply and demand reduction strategies must work together, report at UN says

The supply of and demand for narcotics are inter-related and they must be rolled back together if reduction strategies are to be successful, according to the annual report of an independent drug control body released at the United Nations today.

UN expert panel urges governments to do more to reduce demand for drugs

In a bid to cut the nexus between drug abuse and violent crime, a United Nations expert panel today called on governments across the world to introduce more comprehensive policies to reduce public demand for illegal narcotics.

UN survey shows stable coca production in Peru, no major shift from Colombia

A new United Nations survey shows that that coca cultivation in Peru has remained stable over the past year - dispelling fears of a possible shift in coca growing from neighbouring Colombia, where a considerable decline had been recently registered.

As deadline nears, countries struggle to finalize text on UN tobacco accord

With reports that smoking kills nearly five million people every year fuelling public debate over tobacco regulations and advertising, all eyes are on Geneva, where final negotiations are drawing to a close on a United Nations-backed treaty aimed at curbing the promotion, sales and smuggling of tobacco products.

Drug trade harms economic growth, UN-linked narcotics panel finds

An independent panel overseeing United Nations drug treaties warned today that the narcotics trade harms long-term economic growth in the developing world and also strongly cautioned against any moves to legalize illicit drugs.

UN panel to examine effect of drugs, crime and violence on communities

A United Nations expert panel will examine the impact of drugs, crime and violence on individuals, families and neighbourhoods during a week-long session which opened today in Geneva.

Top UN anti-drug official to attend Central Asia meeting on regional cooperation

The top United Nations anti-drug official is set to travel for the first time to Central Asia, where he is scheduled to attend a two-day meeting on sub-regional drug control cooperation.

Annan condemns calls for drug legalization

Messages calling for the legalization of drugs or dismissing illegal drug use as an unavoidable part of growing up are "insidious" and must be resisted, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.

Top UN anti-crime official reports progress in drug control efforts in Afghanistan

The United Nations is taking a comprehensive approach to halting the cultivation and production of narcotics in Afghanistan, the new Executive Director of the UN Office For Drug Control And Crime Prevention (ODCCP) said today in Vienna.

Interim head named for UN anti-drug and crime fighting agency

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has named a replacement for Pino Arlacchi as head of the United Nations headquarters in Vienna and the UN anti-drug agency.