UN experts stress rights to sexual and reproductive health and free schooling

Countries worldwide should not shrink from confronting sensitive issues of sexual and reproductive health, and all nations should provide free public primary schooling, according to two United Nations human rights reports.

Men must be mobilized in struggle for gender equality, UN commission agrees

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has wrapped up its annual session with broad agreement on the need to involve men in the struggle for gender equality.

Memory of Vieira de Mello pervades start of UN Commission on Human Rights

Seven months after he was killed by a terrorist bomb in Baghdad, the memory of the late United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello, hovered over today's opening of the 60th annual session of the UN's top human rights body in Geneva.

UN human rights body approves guidelines for multinational corporations

In an important step forward in developing human rights standards for corporations, an expert subsidiary panel of the top United Nations rights body today approved a set of ethics guidelines bringing together a range of legal obligations for companies drawn from existing human rights, labour and environmental standards.

Annan to convene high-level panel to study private investment in development

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is set to launch a high-level commission to analyze and evaluate key factors that inhibit the private sector from playing a stronger role in development.

24 countries elected to UN human rights commission

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) - the United Nations forum that coordinates the work of specialized agencies, functional and regional commissions - today held elections to fill vacancies in its various subsidiary bodies, including the choice of 24 countries for its key human rights commission.

UN rights forum asks parties to Iraq conflict to follow humanitarian law

Wrapping up its annual session today, the main United Nations human rights forum adopted a resolution on the situation in Iraq asking all parties to the current conflict to abide strictly by their obligations under international humanitarian law.

Annan stresses universality and indivisibility of human rights

Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the top United Nations human rights body today that its mission was more important than ever in an era when “war, terror and the threat of political violence have become a much greater part of many peoples’ lives,” an era when “inaction is not an option.”

Top UN rights body adopts measures on civil and political rights, indigenous issues

The central United Nations human rights forum today tackled a range of issues strongly endorsing the interdependent and mutually reinforcing nature of human rights, development and the rule of law, by adopting measures designed to protect the rights of individuals and promote civil and political freedoms.

UN rights forum adopts measures promoting civil, political liberties

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights headed into the final stretch of its annual session today, adopting a series of measures promoting civil and political rights, and approving a three-year mandate extension of its working group on arbitrary detention.