Africa must take internal action to promote trade, UN says

African countries trying to expand their trade must identify new sources of finance to strengthen trade capacity and replace lost income from lowered tariffs, but must not blindly liberalize trade, the chief of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) said today.

14 elected to UN human rights commission

The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) elected 14 countries today to serve on the Commission on Human Rights, the UN's highest forum for examining civil rights around the world.

Acting UN human rights chief calls for accountability for Iraqi rights

While lauding the work of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the acting UN chief for human rights said since the body had puzzlingly excluded Iraq from its decisions on rights in armed conflicts, he would initiate the compilation of such a report.

UN human rights commission extends mandate of expert on indigenous rights

The mandate of the United Nations human rights expert who records and tries to help correct violations of the rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people has been renewed for another three years by the UN Commission on Human Rights.

UN rights commission concerned by negative stereotyping of religions

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights has expressed concern at the negative stereotyping of religions in some regions and the frequent and inaccurate association of Islam with terrorism and human rights violations.

Plight of migrants and indigenous people taken up by UN rights commission

The chief United Nations human rights body today turned its attention to the plight of migrants and indigenous people, hearing reports on violence suffered by millions of migrants and abuses against the civil liberties of native populations in many countries.

25 million displaced persons still need protection and aid, UN rights commission told

While the international community has taken strides to respond to the plight of people uprooted from their homes because of war and conflict, 25 million people in Africa, Asia and South America remain desperately in need of protection and assistance, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights was told today.

Two UN experts urge stepped-up efforts to protect children's rights

United Nations experts dealing with the exploitation of children and their subjection to violence today urged intensified international attention to widespread abuses committed against these young victims.

Arbitrary use of force spreads, summary executions continue - UN rights experts

United Nations human rights experts addressing the Geneva-based UN Commission on Human Rights are warning of a global upsurge in illegal killings as well as the emerging threat of torture being used against persons with HIV/AIDS.

Fight against terrorism could restrict right to free expression, UN expert warns

The legitimate efforts of many countries to prevent terrorism might be restricting the basic human right to information, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of expression told the UN Commission on Human Rights today.