Commission on the Status of Women

Corporate take-over of water must be addressed

Extractive industries like gas, oil and mining companies are taking control of water resources in local communities and even putting people’s health at risk.

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Gender parity in sports still far off, says former Olympian

Gender parity in sports both “on and off the field” is still far off, according to the International Olympic Committee (OIC).

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Women’s economic empowerment: no time to waste

The world is losing “big time” because women entrepreneurs cannot fully participate in the global economy.

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Investing in Africa’s emerging women leaders

Investing in young African women is good for their countries, the continent and the world, according to two young women from Botswana.

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Soccer gives a voice to Afghan female athletes

Soccer is being used as a platform to talk about women’s issues in a male-dominated society, an Afghan female athlete has said.

Khalida Popal, a former captain and founding member of the country’s first women’s national soccer team, fled in 2011 after receiving death threats.

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Women face “rough political arena” in Botswana

Women in Botswana face a “rough political arena,” but the government of the Southern African country says it is trying to increase their representation in parliament.

Currently just five of a total of 57 parliamentarians are female.

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“Women feed Africa” but have low access to land

Women are the main producers of food in Africa but continue to have problems accessing land that is typically owned by men; that’s according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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Young African women at UN to share, learn and lead

A Ghana-based initiative is helping young African women to transform their continent.

Since 2009, the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa has been supporting future politicians, activists and entrepreneurs to bring about positive change and development.

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Happiness makes for a gender-equal world: UN

“Go and be happy!” it’s not only a trend but a way of life that David Rodriguez of the Marriot International Hotel and style guru Stacy London are calling for.

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African women need “more access” to the “formal” jobs market

African women are well represented in the “informal” jobs sector, but need “more access” to the formal workplace.

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