Commission on the Status of Women

Young African women at UN to share, learn and lead

A Ghana-based initiative is helping young African women to transform their continent.

Since 2009, the Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa has been supporting future politicians, activists and entrepreneurs to bring about positive change and development.

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Happiness makes for a gender-equal world: UN

“Go and be happy!” it’s not only a trend but a way of life that David Rodriguez of the Marriot International Hotel and style guru Stacy London are calling for.

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African women need “more access” to the “formal” jobs market

African women are well represented in the “informal” jobs sector, but need “more access” to the formal workplace.

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Singer Michael Bolton raises his voice for women and girls

American singer Michael Bolton has conquered audiences worldwide with his powerful ballads and heartfelt love songs.

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Non-profit founded by student teaches self-defence to girls

Girls and women who take self-defence classes are more empowered and better prepared to protect themselves.

So says Pooja Nagpal, an eighteen year old student from the United States, founder of the non-profit organization For a Change, Defend, which aims to stop gender violence.

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Russia urged to amend list of jobs women cannot perform

The decision to prohibit a Russian woman from working at the helm of a boat has been criticized by a UN human rights body.

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Women’s commission focuses on realization of development goals

How can women best contribute to sustainable development? That’s the question being asked at the 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) which begins at the United Nations in New York on Monday.

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Greater gender parity a “win-win” for society

The United Nations is facing a battle when it comes to peacekeeping, but not one that involves weapons.

The organization continues to try to get countries to send more women soldiers and police officers to serve at its operations worldwide.

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The fight for women’s rights continues in South Sudan

Women in South Sudan continue to fight for their rights in what is considered “one of the worst” regions in the world to be a woman.

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"Step it up” for a gender-equal world, urges UN Women chief

“Step it up” so that women and men, boys and girls have equal rights by 2030, the head of a UN agency focusing on gender issues has urged world leaders.

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