Commission on the Status of Women

Women to train, run, win and lead in Trinidad & Tobago

Women in Trinidad & Tobago are being encouraged to “run, win and lead” in local government politics.

The overall portion of women winning seats as councillors edged up from 29 to 31 per cent after the previous election in 2010.

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Building violence free communities in India

Rural and urban communities in India are being told that violence against women is unacceptable.

Anuradha Kapoor, Director of Swayam, a women’s rights organization based in Kolkata says that positive change is underway but that women need to speak out more on the issue.

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Depression and eating disorders “should be part of gender debate”

A young Swedish student attending a UN conference on gender equality in New York says she thinks depression and eating disorders are an important part of the discussion on women’s rights.

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Kenya emerges as “reference point” for women’s empowerment

Initiatives that are being taken in Kenya to empower women and other disadvantaged sectors of society can serve as lessons for other countries.

That’s the view of Anne Waiguru, the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning of the East African country.

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Gender discussions wrap up at the UN

Two weeks of deliberations on how to boost gender equality around the world are coming to an end at the United Nations in New York

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Women “always first to suffer” consequences of conflict’

Women are always the first to suffer the consequences of a conflict, according to the Director of an organization working on gender issues in Jordan.

The UN says there are currently about 750,000 refugees in the country who have fled fighting in Syria.

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The right to health is a human rights issue

‘The right to health is a human rights issue’, according to a senior professor at the University of Philippines.

Experts have been meeting at UN headquarters to discuss how women’s access to health is disproportionately affected to poverty.

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The long way to power

At the beginning of the year only 22 per cent of all national parliamentarians across the world were female, according to the UN.

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Making films to break the silence of women in Jordan

A filmmaker in Jordan is raising awareness about the lack of women’s rights in the region by telling stories which address social problems.

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“Gender-bias” in textbooks keeping girls out of science

“Gender-bias” in textbooks is keeping girls from pursuing a career in science, maths and technology according to a professor of sociology based in the United States.

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