Colombia: UN refugee agency steps up aid to flood-affected communities

The United Nations refugee agency is boosting its efforts to provide emergency assistance to thousands of Colombians affected by recent flooding that has been called the worst natural catastrophe in the country’s history by its leader.

UN disaster assessment team arrives in flood-hit Colombia

A three-member United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination team (UNDAC) has arrived in Colombia to support the ongoing response to the floods, which are affecting over 2 million people.

UN agencies in Colombia allocate funds for flood emergency response

United Nations agencies have mobilised nearly $6 million to support efforts by the Colombian Government to respond to the humanitarian needs of those affected by the heavy rainfall that has caused floods and landslides in the South American country.

Colombia touts Latin America as part of solution for UN goals

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos today promoted the vital role that the resources of Latin America can play in achieving many of the global goals that the United Nations has set, from providing food to fighting climate change.

UN human rights agency speaks out against bombing in Colombian capital

The head of the United Nations human rights office in Colombia has strongly condemned the bombing early yesterday morning in the capital, Bogotá, which damaged a number of buildings, including one housing a radio station and a news agency.

UN human rights chief praises Colombian ruling on disappearances in court attack

The United Nations human rights chief today welcomed a Colombian court’s decision to sentence a senior army officer to 30 years in prison for his role in the aftermath of the notorious mass hostage-taking at the country’s Supreme Court complex in 1985.

UN human rights expert spotlights enduring plight of Afro-Colombians

Afro-Colombians continue to be displaced from their ancestral lands and face ongoing violence and deep poverty, a United Nations human rights expert has said, urging authorities in Colombia to do much more to protect the rights of minorities in the Andean country.

More displaced Colombians seek shelter at unconventional sites – UN

As the number of people driven from their homes to escape violence across Colombia topped three million in 2009, the United Nations refugee agency said today that more and more of the forcibly displaced are seeking safety on scraps of land that no one else wants.