UN-backed project helps Colombian refugees and Ecuadorians realize business dreams

A micro-credit system in Ecuador set up by the United Nations and a local foundation is fostering harmonious relations between Colombian refugees and the local population as the two groups work together to bring their small business dreams to fruition, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) reported today.

Colombia’s indigenous people seriously threatened by Government-rebel conflict

Voicing new concern over Colombia’s decades-long civil conflict, which has already displaced 2 million people, the United Nations refugee agencies warned today that the country’s 1 million indigenous people are being badly affected, and entire communities could disappear after being forced to flee their traditional lands.

Colombia: UN agency hails $2.2 billion commitment to displaced persons

The United Nations refugee agency today hailed the Colombian Government's five-year commitment of $2.2 billion for the protection and assistance of 2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) driven from their homes by four decades of fighting between government forces, leftist rebels and rightist paramilitaries.

UN refugee agency alarmed over situation in southern Colombia

Following the flight of more than 500 Colombians to Ecuador over the weekend, the United Nations refugee agency said today it was "very concerned" about the humanitarian situation in the southern part of Colombia, where armed combat has been reported.

Colombia: UN rights office condemns fresh civilian deaths in conflict

In its latest condemnation of "grave breaches of international human rights" in Colombia's decades-old civil war, the local United Nations human rights office has deplored the killing of three civilians, two of them young girls, and the wounding of 26 others during fighting last week.

Colombian singer helps UN refugee agency raise awareness in Spain

The United Nations refugee agency has launched an awareness campaign in Spain on behalf of refugees and internally displaced people with a concert by Colombian singer Juanes in the north-western town of La Coruña.

Colombia: UN rights office condemns leftist rebel massacre of farm workers

The United Nations human rights office in Colombia has condemned the massacre of 14 farm workers in the north-west of the country and warned leftist rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Popular Army (FARC-EP) that they were incurring war and could be subject to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Colombia: UN human rights office calls for end to arbitrary detentions

Despite some of the strongest constitutional safeguards in Latin America, arbitrary detentions proliferate in Colombia, according to the United Nations human rights office in the South American country, embroiled in four decades of conflict between leftist guerrillas, Government forces and paramilitary militias.

Colombia: UN rights office condemns murder of four civilians, including priests

The United Nations human rights office in Colombia has condemned the murder of four civilians, including two priests, in a north-eastern region of the conflict-wracked country and called on the competent authorities to find and punish the perpetrators.

Colombia: civilians blockaded after fighting between army and irregulars – UN

Cut off by an armed blockade following intense fighting in southern Colombia between irregular armed groups and the military, local communities are suffering from a severe shortage of food and other essential items, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.