UN agency moves to protect native populations fleeing Colombia for Venezuela

The United Nations refugee agency today said it was joining other humanitarian organizations rushing to locate and protect hundreds of indigenous Wayúu people driven across the border into Venezuela from their native lands in Colombia by deadly paramilitary strikes.

Colombia has biggest humanitarian crisis in Western Hemisphere, UN says

Though kidnapping and assassination have declined in Colombia, the humanitarian situation has worsened, with 2 million people becoming displaced over the past 15 years and 1 million of those made homeless in the last three or four years alone, the United Nations chief of humanitarian relief said today.

UN relief official meets Colombian President on humanitarian situation

A senior United Nations relief official was to meet today with President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia for talks on the country's humanitarian situation, the worst in the Western Hemisphere, with an estimated 3 million people uprooted from their homes by conflict over the past 10 years.

Colombia: UN official seeks improved response to West’s worst humanitarian crisis

A senior United Nations relief official is in Colombia today for the start of an official visit, during which he will meet with senior government officials and look at ways to improve response to the Western Hemisphere’s worst humanitarian crisis.