UNESCO chief condemns human cloning activities

The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today categorically condemned any research or practice directed towards reproductive human cloning and urged the international community to quickly act to ban such activities.

UN panel on possible cloning ban wraps up first session on ‘troubling’ issue

Delegates to a United Nations committee considering how the international community might approach negotiations to a ban on human cloning wrapped up their first-ever session today, adopting a final report on the “troubling and unethical” development in biotechnology.

UN committee begins talks on global treaty against human cloning

A United Nations committee today began discussions on the sensitive and often divisive issue of elaborating an international ban on cloning human beings.

General Assembly committee to discuss proposed ban on human cloning

A proposed request by France and Germany for the United Nations General Assembly to consider an international convention against human cloning for the purpose of reproduction will be discussed by a UN committee, a spokesman for the world body said today.