General Assembly delays debate on reproductive cloning treaty by a year

The United Nations General Assembly has postponed by a year any decision about an international convention on reproductive human cloning, while it has also adopted 41 resolutions and two decisions on subjects ranging from decolonization to outer space.

General Assembly legal committee postpones cloning debate for two years

The United Nations today narrowly voted to postpone for two years debate on competing human cloning resolutions that had divided the General Assembly.

UN legal committee chairman looks to solve battling views on cloning

The Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly's Legal Committee called a meeting today to iron out differences between adherents of two competing resolutions banning human reproductive cloning.

UN legal committee tackles proposed treaty banning human cloning

The United Nations has resumed work on an international treaty that would ban the cloning of human beings, tackling work that last year divided delegates, a spokesperson for the President of the UN General Assembly said today.