Climate Summit 2014

Clean energy is possible for every country: UAE

Every country in the world can achieve the goal of using clean energy, according to the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United Nations.

The use of fossil fuels is responsible for the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming and climate change.

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Uganda's Karamajong pastoralists severely affected by climate change

The ability of the semi-nomadic pastoralist communities in Uganda's Karamoja region to move freely is being hampered by changing weather patterns.

That's according to a climate and development expert who works with the Riamiriam Civil Society Network Karamoja in Uganda.

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Nepali women on “frontline of climate change”, says activist

Women in Nepal are “on the frontlines of climate change” because as subsistence farmers, they are the ones who are most affected.

Alina Saba, research and community organizer in Nepal, made the remarks on the sidelines of an event at the UN Climate Summit.

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Pacific Island youth do not want to become “climate refugees”

Climate refugee is not a label a young person would want to be given, an activist with the Pacific Island Youth Council said.

Christina Ora, from the Solomon Islands, was in New York as a youth delegate during the UN Climate Summit representing her region.

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Africa Clean Energy Corridors to reduce pollution on continent

An initiative to deliver cleaner energy to African households will help reduce pollution and dependency on diesel and other fossil fuels says

Elijah Sichone, Executive Secretary of RERA (The Regional Electricity Regulators Association of Southern Africa).

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Estonian President says small countries can fight climate change

Estonia doubled its gross domestic product in 20 years and halved its carbon emissions, according to the country’s President.

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Cities are working together to fight climate change: Mayor of Bonn

The cities of the world are united and speaking with one voice, according to the Mayor of Bonn, Germany.

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New commitments to reduce deforestation expected at UN

Countries are due to announce new commitments to reduce deforestation at the UN Climate Summit on Tuesday.

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Cost of climate change “unbearable”: UN chief

The human, environmental and financial cost of climate change is becoming increasingly unbearable, the UN Secretary-General told world leaders on Tuesday.

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300,000 people march in New York to halt climate change

An estimated 300,000 people have taken to the streets of New York City to highlight concerns about a lack of international action to stop climate change.

The People’s Climate March is part of a worldwide campaign to persuade global leaders to act decisively on the issue.

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