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Pedal-power takes charge at COP21

At the UN climate change conference, delegates don’t just stand around charging their phones while drinking juice and listening to the latest beats: they have to pedal hard for them.

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“Time for compromise” on climate deal, says negotiator

“It’s time for compromise”: the words of the minister heading Kenya’s delegation at the COP21 climate change talks, as negotiations continue into the weekend.

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Human rights need to be “at the centre” of climate change policy

Human rights need to be “at the centre” of climate change policy, according to a senior UN envoy.

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Regional and local communities have role to play in climate deal

Regional and local communities have a vital role to play in addressing climate change issues.

That’s one of the messages coming out of the negotiations in Paris, where world leaders have gathered to hash out a new climate change agreement.

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Global community argues over climate deal “differentiation”

Countries negotiating an international climate deal are deadlocked over whether developed and developing countries should be treated the same, according to the UN.

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Gender issues must feature in new climate deal

The important linkages between gender issues and climate change are being emphasized as world leaders prepare to endorse a new, universal climate change agreement at the end of the year.

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