Migiro stresses civil society’s key role in supporting UN agenda

Engaging with civil society has become crucial to the work of the United Nations, helping the world body to promote its agenda on issues ranging from peace and security to human rights and humanitarian assistance, Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro said today.

Annan hails civil society organizations, crediting their support for his achievements

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today told more than 2,500 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) gathered in New York for their last annual meeting before his term ends in December that the support of civil society groups has been critical to his accomplishments.

Annan calls on Alliance of Civilizations to propose way of defusing today's tensions

Noting that the melting-pot of Islamic and Western civilizations on the Iberian peninsula a millennium ago has changed into the present hostilities and conflict, the United Nations-supported Alliance of Civilizations grouping must "propose a collective response" to these tensions, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.

Good governance requires good public service, senior UN official says

In a world where internal and external pressures are forcing governments to redefine the role of the State, they are also grappling with ways to create a public service that provides responsive governance, greater openness and new partnerships with civil society, a new United Nations report says.

Security Council underscores role of civil society in conflict prevention

Underlining the need for a broad strategy for conflict prevention and peaceful settlement of disputes, the United Nations Security Council has emphasized the potential contributions of a vibrant and diverse civil society and pledged to strengthen its relationship with its organizations.

Security Council debates cooperation with civil society to prevent conflict

The Nations Security Council held an open debate today on the role of civil society in conflict prevention and peaceful settlement of disputes, with Secretary-General Kofi Annan stressing the need for the world body to tap into the experience and expertise offered by such front-line groups.

High-Level Group named by Annan to guide the Alliance of Civilizations

Following up on a Spanish and Turkish initiative to establish an “Alliance of Civilizations” to foster mutual respect for religious beliefs and traditions, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today announced the composition of a High-Level Group to guide the initiative and help bring about cooperation.

UN stresses key role of regional groups in peacebuilding

Regional and other intergovernmental organizations are increasingly important, even key partners, for the ultimate success in dealing with the challenges of peace and security, participants in the 6th High-Level Meeting between the United Nations, Regional and other Inter-governmental Organizations said in a joint statement today.

UN official hails action plan on civil society’s contribution to conflict prevention

Hailing a new plan of action for cooperation between civil society and the United Nations for peacebuilding and preventing violent conflict, a senior UN official today stressed that it was cheaper to head off potential flashpoints than to deal with their aftermath.

Landmark civil society forum on conflict prevention wraps up at UN

As representatives of civil society groups from around the world wrapped up their landmark conference on conflict prevention, a senior United Nations official told some 600 civic leaders gathered at UN Headquarters in New York that development must be seen as “the first line of defence” in defusing potential conflicts and building world peace.