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Seeing, hearing, feeling the reality of child trafficking

What’s it really like to be a victim of child trafficking?  The founders of non-profit, Street Art for Mankind, that fights child trafficking using art from around the globe, are trying to provide the answer. For this latest edition of our UN News Lid is On podcast, Natalie Hutchison went along to find out more.

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Child exploitation spotlighted by World Day against human trafficking: UN crime-fighting agency

Just over a quarter of people trafficked worldwide are children, according to latest figures from the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Marking the 2018 World Day against Trafficking in Persons this Monday, UNODC is highlighting the urgency of acting “as soon as possible” to prevent the crime. Fabrizio Sarrica, a UNODC research expert on human trafficking, has been speaking to Michelle Kusuma, who asked him how this year’s campaign addresses current challenges in child trafficking prevention.

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Child trafficking data highlights 'broken family dynamics'

Family is assumed to be a protective structure, but this is not always the case.

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Families involved in nearly half of all child trafficking cases: IOM

Family members are linked to nearly half of all identified cases of child trafficking, new data released on Tuesday by the UN Migration Agency, IOM, has revealed.

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Young Indian displays girl power, fighting against trafficking

An 18-year old Indian woman who was trafficked as a child says her personal experience motivated her to fight for the rights of other young girls.

Anoyara Khatun from a village in West Bengal, India recently spoke about her advocacy work at the UN in New York.

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UNICEF welcomes agreement against child trafficking in two African countries

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has welcomed a new agreement between the Republic of the Congo and Benin to protect children from child trafficking, a major problem in the region in recent years.

UN-backed drama on Lao TV spotlights perils of child trafficking

A compelling television drama produced with United Nations support about a Lao teenage girl who is trafficked abroad, where she suffers both physical and sexual abuse, had its national premiere on Lao Television today as part of a campaign to warn young people of the dangers they face and to stimulate awareness and discussion.