UN-backed accord on hazardous chemicals considers adding all forms of asbestos

A United Nations-backed convention on hazardous chemicals is set to decide this week whether all forms of asbestos and two hazardous pesticides should be added to an international list of chemicals that are not to be exported unless the importing country explicitly agrees.

Thailand meeting will review protection from chemicals - UN agency

More than 500 delegates will gather in Bangkok, Thailand, this weekend to follow up on a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative to protect people and their environments from hazardous chemicals, the UN agency said today.

Annan calls for universal adherence to chemical weapons treaty

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan today urged the three dozen countries outside the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) to sign and ratify the treaty as part of the international effort to head off terrorism.

Extend chemical weapons ban treaty to whole world - Annan

Warning against complacency with progress so far achieved by the treaty banning chemical weapons, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today urged that it be extended beyond its current 151 members to all nations in the world and that enough funds be provided to accelerate complete chemical disarmament.