Canada funds WFP cash transfers for refugees in Tanzania

A US$385,000 contribution from Canada is being used by the World Food Programme (WFP) to provide cash transfers to thousands of Congolese refugees in western Tanzania.

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Keeping women out of the workplace costs US$17 trillion

Keeping women out of the workplace costs the global economy around US$17 trillion, the head of a leading NGO in Canada has told the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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News in Brief 5 January 2017 (PM)

Observers let go from UN Mission in Colombia

Three observers have been let go from the UN Mission in Colombia following their participation in a celebration organized by the largest rebel group in the country, FARC.

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Indigenous in Canada “marginalized” in cities “for decades”

Indigenous people in Canada have been marginalized when it comes to city life “for many decades” with women and girls suffering a “disproportionate level of violence.”

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Risk of “outright violence” increasing against LGBT in cities

The risk of “outright violence” against the LGBT community is growing in cities but hopes are high that a newly-adopted agenda for future urban living will create more “safe spaces”.

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UN expert panel warns of systemic anti-Black racism in Canada’s criminal justice system

A group of United Nations human rights experts today expressed serious concerns about systemic anti-Black racism in the criminal justice system in Canada.

21st Century to be based on cities, not countries: Montréal mayor

National politics are important “but the 21st Century will be based on cities” and not countries, according to the mayor of Canada’s second city, Montréal.

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Global aviation industry signs “historic” deal to cut emissions

The global aviation industry has reached a “historic” deal to cut harmful greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, a senior official with the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has said.

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UN Gender Focus: indigenous women, domestic workers and fashion industry

Film gives voice to indigenous Mohawk women in New York City

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Twelve countries report decrease in child refugee detentions

The number of refugee children in detention centres in 12 countries fell by 14 per cent over the past two years, according to a report launched by the UN R

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