'We will succeed', pledges force commander of deadly Mali mission

The man in charge of blue helmets serving at the UN’s deadliest peacekeeping mission, which is facing serious shortfalls in equipment and personnel, has pledged to succeed - if he’s given the tools to do the job.

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‘We can’t build strong relationships if we refuse to have conversations,’ Canada’s Trudeau says at UN

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the podium at the United Nations General Assembly today with condolences for those affected by recent successive natural disasters, including the earthquakes in Mexico and hurricanes in the Caribbean, saying his country is ready to a “lend a helping hand in whatever way it can.”

News in Brief 26 June 2017

UN chief calls for collective action against drug abuse

Countries are being urged by the UN Secretary-General to honour their commitments to address drug abuse and trafficking.

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UN Gender Focus: Yemen, indigenous women and disaster preparedness

Women and girls paying “heaviest price” in Yemen as famine looms: UNFPA

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Indigenous peoples have “come a long way” in past decade: Cree chief

Indigenous peoples have “come a long way” since signing the UN Declaration on their rights a decade ago and need to celebrate their achievements, a chief of the

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Women “more vulnerable” to disaster impact, with exceptions

Women continue to be “more vulnerable” to the impacts of disaster, but in some countries its men who are more of a concern.

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Animals “even more affected” by disasters than people

When it comes to dealing with disasters, such as the deadly flooding in Colombia and Peru in recent days, animals are “even more affected” than people.

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Drought a bigger problem than hurricanes for Caribbean farmers

Drought is a bigger, more “insidious” problem for vulnerable farmers in Jamaica and the Caribbean than the more headline-grabbing disasters such as hurricanes.

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Reality "catching up" with short-term thinking on development: UNDP

When it comes to the whole “action agenda” on sustainable development, “reality is catching up” with governments which fail to think long-term.

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Private sector “key role” in reducing disaster risk “collectively”

The private sector has a key role in reducing disaster risk as part of a “collective” process involving all parts of society.

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