Cabo Verde

FAO/Lesotho/Lechoko Noko

Invasive Fall Armyworm pest threatens food production across Cabo Verde

Africa’s Cabo Verde islands are facing a “formidable” agricultural and economic challenge in the form of an invasive pest known as the Fall Armyworm.

But now, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has joined forces with authorities there to combat the threat, without damaging the environment or farmers’ livelihoods – especially in vulnerable rural areas.

Greg Delaney has this special report from Cabo Verde.

IAEA/Dean Calma

Zika strain reported on African island for first time

A strain of a virus which can lead to brain defects in newborns has been discovered for the first time in Africa, the UN has confirmed.

The Zika virus has been detected in some 26 countries in the Americas but has now been identified on the island archipelago of Cabo Verde off the west coast of Africa.

Daniel Dickinson reports.

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