UN peacekeeping mission’s mandate in Burundi extended until beginning of December

The United Nations Security Council today extended the mandate of its peacekeeping UN Operation in Burundi (ONUB) for six months until 1 December and called on the African Great Lakes country’s political actors to try harder to ensure the success of their political transition, national reconciliation and long-term stability.

$24 million needed for food distribution to 2 million in Burundi, UN agency says

In the run-up to Burundi's post-conflict elections taking place between June and September, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today said it will be forced to slash food distribution and economic development programmes for 2 million Burundians suffering through a drought unless it gets another $24 million.

Annan recommends extending UN mission in Burundi until December

Progress has been made in Burundi's peace process, but it is not yet irreversible and the peacebuilding United Nations Office in Burundi (ONUB) should maintain its strength of more than 5,000 personnel as its mandate is extended for another six months until December, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan recommends.

Security Council urges parties in Burundi to 'exert greater efforts' to ensure long-term stability

The United Nations Security Council today urged all Burundian parties to ensure political transition and long-term stability in the country following the recent signing of a cessation of hostilities declaration by the country's President and the leader of the rebel Forces for National Liberation (FNL).

UN mission probes shooting deaths of 2 peacekeepers in Burundi

Two South African soldiers with the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Burundi died today, one of them allegedly killed by a volley of gunshots from a companion who then shot himself to death, leaving four others in the group wounded, a UN spokesman said.

UN officials in Burundi call for peace during elections

The United Nations envoy for Burundi, Carolyn McAskie, today called on political leaders to refrain from violence or incitement as Burundians move on to much-delayed elections after having approved a national constitution earlier this year.