UN mission recommends truth commission plus special chamber in Burundi's courts

A United Nations special mission mandated to recommend measures Burundi might take to deal with perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes has recommended a non-judicial truth commission and a prosecuting special chamber within Burundi's court system.

Burundi on track in peace process but development funding not materializing, UN says

Burundi is successfully following its long peace process after decades of sporadic conflict, but a rebel hold-out around the capital is causing donors to be wary of providing humanitarian support or investment funds, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for that African Great Lakes country said today.

Burundi will need 40 per cent more emergency food this year, UN agencies say

Burundi, recovering from a long civil conflict, will need 40 per cent more emergency food this year than last because bad weather has reduced farm output, doubling the prices of scarce staple foods, three United Nations agencies and the Government of the central African nation said today.

Broad participation in Burundi referendum shows support for peace, Security Council says

The very broad participation of Burundians in last month's referendum on the new constitution shows that they support the peace process in their post-conflict Great Lakes country, the United Nations Security Council said today.

Over 800 Burundians flee to Rwanda fearing new violence, UN agency reports

More than 800 Burundians, mainly ethnic Tutsis, have fled to neighbouring Rwanda in the last two weeks, citing threats and fears of violence surrounding a recent referendum in the central African country that has been plagued by ethnic massacres for decades, the United Nations refugee agency reported today.

UN conducts inquiry into alleged sexual abuse by peacekeepers in Burundi

The United Nations, pursuing its zero-tolerance policy against sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeeping operations and mission personnel around the world, announced today that it was conducting an inquiry into alleged sexual abuse of minors by troops in Burundi.

UN mission in Burundi congratulates people on 'maturity' of referendum vote

With provisional figures showing that 90 per cent of Burundi's electorate voted in a constitutional referendum early this week, the United Nations mission trying to help the country recover from decades of ethnic strife and civil war today congratulated its people on their exemplary maturity.

Annan congratulates Burundi on post-transition's constitutional referendum

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today congratulated Burundi for successfully conducting a referendum on the post-transitional constitution, and called on the parties to ensure that national elections are held quickly.