Burundi: Annan says failed coup attempt shows need for efforts to calm situation

Welcoming the end to yesterday's aborted coup attempt in Burundi, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said the incident served to highlight the need for efforts to bring calm to the country.

Burundi: Security Council members concerned over reported coup

Members of the United Nations Security Council today followed with concern reports of a coup in Burundi, according to the body's current President.

Security Council condemns violence in Burundi, urges parties to pursue dialogue

Concerned over ongoing violence in Burundi, members of the Security Council today urged the parties to halt all attacks and pursue a process of dialogue aimed at ending the fighting.

Top UN relief official condemns attack against aid workers in Burundi

The United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator today denounced a recent rebel attack on a UN food convoy in Burundi which left four aid workers injured, one critically.

Three injured as rebels in Burundi ambush UN food convoy

A group of rebels has attacked a United Nations food convoy in Burundi, leaving one person in critical condition and two others injured, a UN spokesman announced today.