Burundi: Council calls on Government, rebels to complete peace process by end of year

The United Nations Security Council today called on the Government of Burundi and the last major rebel holdout to complete the final phase of their peace process by the end of this year and desist from any action that could lead to a resumption of hostilities in a country that has been torn by ethnic conflicts for over four decades.

Burundian refugee saga in Tanzania finally nears resolution, UN reports

The long saga of hundreds of thousands of Burundians who fled to Tanzania to escape decades of ethnic conflict in their small homeland is finally approaching its end with the last camps closing down as the refugees return home or integrate into the host country, the United Nations reported today.

Burundi faces threat of fresh conflict as impasse with rebels deepens, UN warns

Although Burundi has made commendable advances in key areas for peace consolidation, an impasse between the Government and the last major rebel holdout is deepening and the risks of renewed confrontation are intensifying, according to a United Nations report being discussed by the Security Council today.

Ban calls on Burundi’s Government, rebels to quickly complete peace accord

Burundi’s Government and the rebel group Palipehutu-FNL must now summon the political will and courage to overcome outstanding issues and successfully conclude the peace process they agreed to two years ago, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Freedom of expression endangered in Burundi, UN human rights expert says

An independent United Nations human rights expert today voiced his deep concern over the diminishing freedom of expression and association in Burundi, warning that violations of these freedoms imperil the rule of law in the African Great Lakes country.

UNICEF sounds alarm after brutal murder of albino girl in Burundi

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with authorities in Burundi to better protect the country’s albino children in the wake of a brutal crime in which a six-year-old girl was shot and dismembered, apparently in the mistaken belief of some locals that the body parts have magical qualities.

Returning Burundians win university scholarships from UN refugee agency

A group of 40 Burundian students started university classes this week in the capital, Bujumbura, after becoming the first returnees to be granted scholarships by the United Nations refugee agency.

Burundi's rival ethnic groups learn to live side by side in UN-backed pilot project

Displaced people from Burundi's rival Hutu and Tutsi groups are being resettled side by side under a pilot project funded by the United Nations refugee agency aimed at seeking reconciliation and binding up the wounds of decades of bloody ethnic violence in the small central African country.

Security Council urges Burundi’s Government and rebels to comply with truce

The Security Council today welcomed the recent agreement by Government forces and rebels in Burundi to try to dismantle any roadblocks to the revised ceasefire agreement they signed in June.

Sweden to head UN Peacebuilding Commission group on Burundi

Sweden has been chosen as the new chair of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission group tasked with helping the impoverished African nation of Burundi recover from recent conflict and avoid sliding back into chaos or misrule.