Ban appoints Karin Landgren of Sweden as new UN envoy for Burundi

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today named Karin Landgren of Sweden as his new envoy for Burundi, where she will head the scaled-down United Nations operation tasked with helping the Central African nation consolidate peace and development.

Burundi: Security Council sets up new body to further consolidate peace

The Security Council today set up a “significantly scaled-down” United Nations operation in Burundi to help the Central African country as it embarks on the latest stage of its recovery from decades of civil war and ethnic fighting.

Burundi outlook good ‘in many regards’ as it turns to economic development – UN

While the outlook is good “in many regards” as Burundi turns to building a sustainable economy after elections that met the requirements of all observers, social, political and institutional challenges remain, the head of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission’s country-specific segment warned today.

Despite progress, situation in Burundi still cause for concern, Ban warns

Burundi has made significant progress over the past year in moving away from its violent past towards a future of peace, stability and development but security, food, human rights and sexual violence remain matters of concern, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in a new report.

Burundi calls on UN to continue supporting its economic development

Burundi, which with United Nations help returned to relative stability after decades of conflict that killed hundreds of thousands of people, has appealed to the world body and the international community at large to continue their support on the road to economic development.

UN human rights expert warns of violations ahead of Burundian polls

As the people of the small African nation of Burundi get set to cast their votes in Monday's presidential election, an independent United Nations expert today warned of potential violence and human rights violations, citing a number of recent worrisome developments.

Security Council urges all parties in Burundi to participate in elections

The Security Council has urged Burundi’s political parties to participate fully in the country’s legislative elections next month, and work to ensure the proper conduct of the presidential poll scheduled for Monday, amid reports that the opposition is boycotting the presidential contest.

Ban lauds Burundians for gains in consolidating peace

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today congratulated the people of Burundi for their achievements in consolidating peace as the tiny African nation rebuilds from decades of ethnic strife.

High turnout for Burundian polls, UN official says

Many Burundians have cast their ballots today in elections, the top United Nations envoy to the tiny African Great Lakes nation said today as he praised the peaceful staging of the polls so far.

Despite challenges, Burundi can give lesson in democracy to others – UN envoy

After decades of ethnic war in which hundreds of thousands of people died, Burundi has the chance to set a new standard with its upcoming elections for peace and democracy in the broader region despite significant challenges, the top United Nations envoy in the Central African country said today.