Burkina Faso

New techniques help farmers tackle climate change in Burkina Faso

Farmers like Sibiri Kebre depend on rain-fed agriculture to earn a living and feed their families. But the weather patterns in Burkina Faso’s Sahel Region have become so unpredictable that the farmers do not know what to expect anymore.

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Envoy calls for greater cooperation among Sahel countries

UN Special Envoy for the Sahel Romano Prodi is briefing the Security Council  on his strategy for the region.

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UN expert calls for support to protect Burkina Faso from terrorism threat

A United Nations independent expert today called for international support to ward off terrorism from Burkina Faso, stressing it remains vulnerable to radicalization and violent extremists.

UN envoys hold talks with leaders and civil society in the Sahel

UN Special Envoy for the Sahel, Romano Prodi, has wrapped up a three-day visit to the region which continues to battle political, humanitarian and security challenges.

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IMF assists Burkina Faso in developing an effective social safety net

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly implementing social safety nets to protect their most vulnerable citizens, according to the International Monetary Fund (

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