Demand for Internet and mobile services rising due to lower prices – UN report

There will soon be as many mobile cellular subscriptions as the 7 billion people inhabiting the planet, according to figures released today by the United Nations, which show that strong sustained demand for information and communication technology services is being encouraged by falling prices for broadband Internet.

Broadband access can help bridge educational divides, empower students – UN report

Broadband connectivity has the potential to transform education by giving teachers and students access to learning resources and technologies that will allow them to improve their skills in the context of a globalized economy, according to a United Nations report released today.

UN telecoms report highlights how regulation can accelerate broadband roll-out

Fixed broadband subscriptions have more than doubled over the past five years to reach an estimated 591 million people around the world, the United Nations telecommunications agency said in a new report today, highlighting the importance of national regulation to accelerate the roll-out and stimulate digital development.

UN sets goal of bringing broadband to half developing world’s people by 2015

A United Nations commission today called on governments and private industry to ensure that at least half the developing world’s population is using broadband Internet by 2015, stressing the crucial role this plays for economic growth and job creation.

UN report shows broadband potential for economic and social development

Broadband telecommunications have the potential to spur rapid economic growth and facilitate job creation, according to a United Nations reported unveiled today, which urges countries to implement national broadband plans or risk losing the benefits of the global high-speed digital communications.