Bosnia needs continued support amid political impasse, Security Council told

Bosnia and Herzegovina needs continued international support in its bid for Euro-Atlantic integration, despite the political impasse it is currently facing, the United Nations Security Council was told today.

Security Council extends mandate of European peacekeepers in Bosnia

The United Nations Security Council today extended for another year the European Union stabilization force (EUFOR) entrusted with ensuring continued compliance by all sides in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement that ended the ethnic war there.

Over 117,000 displaced Bosnians kept from returning home by political disputes – UN

Political disputes in Bosnia and Herzegovina are impeding the return of over 117,000 people, dooming them to endure the consequences of wartime atrocities 14 years after the end of the Balkan conflict that drove them from their homes, an independent United Nations expert said today.

New High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina welcomed by UN

The United Nations Security Council today welcomed and agreed to the appointment of Valentin Inzko, a senior Austrian diplomat, as the new High Representative for the Implementation of the Peace Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina.