Security Council extends European Union Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 1 year

The United Nations Security Council today extended for one-year the 7,000-strong European Union Stabilization Force (EUFOR) mandated to ensure continued compliance with the Dayton Peace Agreement that in 1995 ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Local leaders should be responsible for reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina: UN envoy

The international community should continue to hand over responsibility for reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina to its leaders despite the magnitude of the challenges involved as the country emerges from the devastation of inter-ethnic bloodshed, the United Nations envoy to the country told the Security Council today.

Former Bosnian Croat militia leader jailed for 12 years by UN war crimes court

A United Nations war crimes court today sentenced a former Bosnian Croat militia commander to 12 years in jail for an attack a dozen years ago on a village in which 31 Muslim civilians were killed, including two elderly women burned in their house and a family of seven who perished in the flames of their shelter.

Computers from UN war crimes court benefit survivors in Bosnia

The United Nations war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia today sent 306 old computers to Bosnia and Herzegovina, scene of most of the crimes during the Balkan conflict of the 1990s, as part of its initiative to use its replaced office equipment to benefit the victims of the strife.

Let Bosnia and Herzegovina stand on its own, envoy tells Security Council

Bosnia and Herzegovina, emerging from the devastation of inter-ethnic bloodshed, must now be allowed to take responsibility for its own political reforms and economic development while the international community clears up defined, outstanding issues, the world’s envoy to the country told the United Nations Security Council today.