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UN Photo/Sabir Olad (file)

International support “a silver lining” after Somalia bombing

International support “a silver lining” in the wake of Somalia bombing

Somalis have taken to the streets of the capital, Mogadishu, to protest against violent extremism in the aftermath of a double car bombing which killed more than 300 people this past weekend.

The United Nations and its partners have been assisting the authorities in responding to the huge needs arising from the tragedy.

UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator in the country, Vincent Lelei, said the international community’s support to Somalia  represents a “silver lining” in the tragedy.

UN Photo/Marco Dormino

Suicide bombing in Mali “direct attack on the peace process”

A suicide bombing on Wednesday which targeted government troops in Mali, killing dozens, should be seen as a “direct attack on the peace process” there.

That’s according to the UN Under-Secretary-General for peacekeeping, Hervé Ladsous, addressing the Security Council on Wednesday, warning that the country stood at a “crossroads.”

A UN-brokered peace deal was signed in June 2015 to end years of fighting between government forces and Tuareg-led rebels, but attempts to bring all the sides together are moving slowly.