Boko Haram

Boko Haram violence compounds long-term “development failures”

North-east Nigeria’s problems are principally due to long-term “development failures” compounded by a Boko Haram terrorist insurgency that’s provoked a “crisis of global magnitude.”

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News in Brief 18 July 2017 (PM)

International community urged to avert repeat of CAR crisis

The international community is being urged by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator to “sustain support” for the Central African Republic or CAR.

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News in Brief 21 June 2017 (AM)

Urgent appeal for civilian protection in Syria: UN chief

An urgent appeal has been made by the UN Secretary-General for combatants in Syria’s six-year civil war to do “everything in their power to protect civilians.”

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UN Gender Focus: LGBTI UN workers, rape survivors and released Chibok girls

LGBTI workers get a boost from UN’s Michael Møller

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Released “Chibok girls” have "uphill road to climb" to reintegrate

The 82 girls from Chibok, Nigeria, recently released by the Boko Haram terrorist group, have an “uphill road to climb” reintegrating into society, a UN expert has warned.

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Rape survivors should never face “prison of stigma”

Survivors of rape or sexual slavery should never again face “the prison of stigma” described by some of them as a “living death”, the acting UN special envoy on sexual violence in conflict, has said.

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UN Gender Focus: Chibok girls, refugees and Afghan women journalists

Release of 82 more kidnapped Chibok girls welcomed by UN

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News in Brief 3 May 2017 (PM)

Conflict-related sexual violence victims need national recognition: UN report

Victims of conflict and terrorism-related sexual violence need greater national recognition in order to help relieve the stigma that they suffer.

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“Malala of Syria” highlights impact of conflict on education in Chad

A 19-year-old refugee and activist, dubbed the “Malala of Syria”, has been hearing for herself how Boko Haram terrorists in Chad have disrupted education for a whole generation of young students.

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Boko Haram child bombers mask extent of Lake Chad crisis

A surge in the number of child suicide bombers in the Lake Chad region may signify a change in tactics by guerrilla insurgents Boko Haram, the UN said on Wednesday.

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