UN human rights chief concerned over instability and violations in Guinea-Bissau

The top United Nations human rights official said today she remains concerned over continuing instability in Guinea Bissau, following the coup there last month and reports of human rights violations, including the violent repression of a peaceful demonstration, looting and arbitrary detention of civilians.

UN envoy to take part in regional meeting on Mali, Guinea-Bissau political crises

As part of the United Nations’ ongoing efforts to ensure the full restoration of constitutional rule in Mali and Guinea-Bissau, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for West Africa, Said Djinnit, will participate in an upcoming regional meeting on the political crises in the two countries.

Security Council imposes travel ban on Guinea-Bissau coup leaders

The Security Council today imposed a travel ban against five military officers who seized power from the civilian government in Guinea-Bissau last month, and urged Member States to ensure that the sanctioned individuals do not enter or transit through their territories.

Security Council warns of sanctions if Guinea-Bissau political crisis continues

As negotiations towards finding a solution to the political crisis in Guinea-Bissau continue, the Security Council today reiterated its readiness to consider targeted sanctions against those involved in last month’s military coup if the situation is not resolved.

Guinea-Bissau: Security Council demands restoration of constitutional order

Raising the possibility of targeted sanctions, the United Nations Security Council today demanded the immediate restoration of constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau, as well as the reinstatement of the West African country's legitimate government.

Restoration of constitutional order key to ending crisis in Guinea-Bissau – UN envoy

The United Nations envoy for Guinea-Bissau today urged the international community to ensure that any solution for the current political crisis in the West African country is based on a process that reflects the will of the people and a commitment to the restoration of constitutional order.

Ban voices concern over deepening political crisis in Guinea-Bissau

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced grave concern over the fact that, despite calls by the international community for the immediate restoration of constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau, the leaders of last week’s coup have continued to deepen the political crisis through their declared plans to establish a transitional government.

Ban and Security Council strongly condemn Guinea-Bissau military coup

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council today strongly condemned the military coup that took place in Guinea-Bissau and demanded the immediate restoration of constitutional order.

Guinea-Bissau’s priority now is completing political transition, says UN envoy

The United Nations envoy for Guinea-Bissau today stressed the need for strong international engagement to help the country complete the current political transition and move ahead on priorities such as reforming the security sector and tackling drug trafficking and organized crime.

Ban congratulates people of Guinea-Bissau for peaceful presidential election

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended the people of Guinea-Bissau for taking part in a peaceful and orderly polling process in their country’s weekend presidential election.