Guinea-Bissau parties must stay committed to rule of law, Security Council says

Voicing concern about political tensions along party lines in Guinea-Bissau, members of the Security Council today urged all concerned to maintain their commitment to the rule of law.

Guinea-Bissau: Annan calls for peaceful resolution of remaining tensions

After the recent swearing-in of an elected President in Guinea-Bissau following three decades of coups and counter-coups, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has called on all political actors and the society at large there to address their remaining differences peacefully through the rule of law.

Annan congratulates Guinea-Bissau as newly-elected President is sworn in

Assuring the people of Guinea-Bissau of continued United Nations assistance, Secretary-General Kofi Annan has congratulated President João Bernardo Vieira on his inauguration as head of the West African country emerging from periods of instability since its independence from Portugal some 30 years ago.

Security Council calls for aid to Guinea-Bissau as transitional phase ends

The Security Council today called on the international community to provide aid to Guinea-Bissau during its "delicate post-electoral phase" as the West African country emerges from several periods of instability during its 30 years of independence from Portugal.

Annan calls on Guinea-Bissau prime minister to carry out presidential inauguration

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, meeting Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior after the recent elections in the West African country, today stressed the importance of keeping the Prime Minister's commitment to the General Assembly that the president-elect would be inaugurated next month.

Annan calls for international assistance for post-transition Guinea-Bissau

After three decades of coups and counter-coups and a subsequent political transition, Guinea-Bissau now needs its partners to take part fully in the donor round table scheduled for November and to support a portfolio of quick-impact projects before that, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in his latest report.

Annan calls for Guinea-Bissau’s acceptance of Supreme Court’s election ruling

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on all parties in Guinea-Bissau to accept the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, which confirmed the final results of the presidential elections in the West African country that has been roiled by coups and attempted coups since it gained its independence from Portugal three decades ago.

UN launches $100,000 appeal to fight deadly cholera outbreak in Guinea-Bissau

The United Nations today launched an appeal for just over $100,000 following a cholera outbreak in Guinea-Bissau, which has killed 64 people.

Secretary-General appeals for calm pending final results of Guinea-Bissau election

The Secretary-General has taken note of the provisional results announced today by national electoral authorities of the second round of presidential elections held on 24 July in Guinea-Bissau and he has appealed for calm as the counting process continues before announcement of the final results and full restoration of constitutional rule.

Security Council urges all parties in Guinea-Bissau to respect election results

The United Nations Security Council today urged all political parties and candidates in Guinea-Bissau to respect the results of last week's presidential poll to restore democratic rule two years after a coup, and urged international observers to stand ready to assist as the country gears up for a run-off ballot.