Bird flu

Bird flu outbreak threatens West Africa

An avian influenza outbreak in five West African countries could affect the region and beyond unless “timely intervention” occurs.

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Bird flu viruses could re-emerge in upcoming flu season, warns UN agency

The United Nations food agency has issued a new warning saying bird flu viruses continue to pose a serious threat to human and animal health, adding they will pose a greater risk during the upcoming flu season.

International health team flying to China to help assess deadly flu outbreak, UN reports

United Nations and international health experts will travel to China later this week at Beijing’s invitation for a week-long joint assessment of the deadly H7N9 bird influenza outbreak that has so far infected 63 people, 14 of them fatally.

‘Everything possible is being done’ to tackle new flu virus, says UN health agency

All possible steps to monitor and contain the spread of the H7N9 influenza virus in China are being taken by local authorities, the United Nations health agency today announced, while confirming that seven people across the Asian country had already succumbed to the disease.

Afghanistan: UNICEF’s bird flu public information campaign gains pace

With the deadly avian influenza virus found in four provinces in Afghanistan, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is moving forward with the nationwide public information campaign to raise awareness about measures to protect human health and contain any possible outbreak.