A grade six student in Paro, Bhutan, promotes the wearing of face masks.
© UNICEF/Sonam Pelden

Bhutan, the vaccination nation: a UN Resident Coordinator blog

The small mountain nation of Bhutan has so far managed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, despite sharing a border with China and India, two countries which have been badly affected by the pandemic. Bhutan is now on the way to vaccinating more than 90 per cent of the eligible adult population. Gerald Daly, the UN Resident Coordinator there, says that volunteers, and preventative government action, have been key to the country’s success.

Bhutan PM promotes link between happiness and sustainability at Rio +20

Heads of state are sharing their views on a sustainable future for the planet at the UN’s Rio+20 conference in Brazil.

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley says he has a simple message to deliver: be happy. 

Instead of Gross National Product, Bhutan measures its developmental success by Gross National Happiness. The first pillar is promoting sustainable living, thus ensuring all life forms can survive. 

The Prime Minister spoke to UN Radio’s Dianne Penn and Monica Grayley who are attending the conference.