South Sudan female commander heads new hospital project

“Women are still a minority in most of the armed forces around the world; and in some ways, that is a privileged position.”.

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UN Gender Focus: South Sudan, girls in tech and gender equality

Only female contingent commander in South Sudan heads new hospital project in Bentiu

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“Zero tolerance” for militarization of South Sudan camps

A “zero tolerance approach” preventing protection camps in war-torn South Sudan from being militarized is the best way to keep civilians safe.

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“Serious human rights violations” continuing in South Sudan

“Serious human rights violations” are continuing in South Sudan and are more serious than previously thought according to a visiting UN Human Rights Commission.

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South Sudan health workers trained to handle mass casualty situations

Sixty health workers in Bentiu, South Sudan, have been trained in how to address the large numbers of injuries or deaths resulting from conflicts or natural disasters.

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UN and Africa: focus on reconciliation in South Sudan, migrants in Angola and refugee camps in Kenya

Traditional Leaders urged to promote peace and reconciliation in South Sudan

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“Challenging” task protecting civilian sites in South Sudan

Maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of people in UN bases in South Sudan is a challenging task according to the UN mission in the country, (UNMISS).

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Lack of basic services driving South Sudanese to UN base

A lack of basic services as well as continued fighting is driving thousands of people to a United Nations base in the north of the South Sudan, according to the UN mission in the country, UNMISS.

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